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We want to show the general public that frogs are really awesome! Hope you enjoy!

Listen to Brejileirinho:
a music made with the Atlantic forest frogs!

Wanna play a game?! Pula Rústico!


From the lab to the living room!


We have great fun going out at night in swamps, lakes, streams, in the middle of the forests, or even in our backyards to look for frogs, listen to their music, and observe their amazing behavior. A little taste of that are in our books, CDs and CD-ROMs, where you can learn more and have a closer contact with such awesome animals!

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  A field guide with over 560 amphibian species (almost 400 of them with vocalizations!) - a must have guide! Download it from AppleStore or GoolgePlay   Já Conhece a Banda Papo de Sapo? Venha curtir os hits mais loucos dessa turma animada!   This book resulted from the IX Brazilian Congress of Herpetology and includes 16 amazing chapters with the most up to date subjects in Herpetology


Award-winning book!!!

The most complete book of the amphibians (457 species) of the Atlantic Forest. A truly award-winning reference!

The first great guide of the Atlantic forest amphibians, includes information about 180 species: almost 40% of the biome diversity when it was published


CD-ROM with the anurans that inhabit the Brazilian grasslands. There you can find pictures, calls, and basic textual information about several species. Its an all-age friendly guide!

CD-ROM with information about Atlantic forest frogs and toads. For each species we provide the classification, distribution, natural history and conservation information
A classic! One of the first amphibian sound guides of Brazil. Hear it!